After announcing a celebratory beer and whisky, the airline has completed a boozy trifecta.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 04, 2019
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

This year, British Airways is celebrating its 100th anniversary. (Techincally it's the 100th anniversary of BA forerunner Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited, but never let the detsils get in the way of a good centennial.) So how do you celebrate turning 100 years old? With drinks, of course. In April, BA announced a partnership with Scotland-based BrewDog for an exclusive beer called Speedbird 100. Then, in May, the airline revealed plans for a special 12-year Scotch whisky made in collaboration with the distillery InchDairnie that will be ready for BA’s 112th anniversary. Now it’s June, and British Airways has completed the alcohol trifecta, announcing a special celebratory English sparkling wine.

Produced by the acclaimed Hampshire-based winery Hattingley Valley, the resulting 2015 Blanc de Noir sparkler – created with input from British Airways’ own team of wine experts – will be served exclusively in first class and the airline’s flagship lounge, The Concorde Room in Heathrow Terminal 5, starting July 1. The wine itself is billed as a Pinot Noir dominant blend that’s special tailored for airplane travel.

“There’s no better, or more British way to toast our milestone year than with an English Sparkling Wine,” explained Kelly Stevenson, British Airways’ Wine and Beverage Manager. “We’ve loved working with Hattingley Valley to create something really special for our First customers and this will be the first time we have ever served an English Sparkling Blanc de Noirs on board. This blend will excel at altitude as the notes of red apple skins and light red fruits really shine through.”

Last month, BA also announced a special centennial item that does not contain alcohol: The airline will be selling special travel-size jars of Marmite adorned with the BA logo in-flight. That said, Marmite is made with yeast extract, which is a byproduct of brewing beer – so, yes, everything is kind of tied to alcohol. They’re celebrating, and we'll drink to that.