By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 23, 2016
Kingsmill, bread
Credit: © Kingsmill

I hate bread. No, I’m not gluten-free. No, I don’t care about the calories. And yes, I am perfectly content to fill up on a basket of it before my meal. What I hate about bread is when someone brings a loaf of it into my house. A deep fear immediately takes hold: I do not eat enough bread at home to finish this loaf before it gets stale and moldy, I shudder. Suddenly, I feel resigned to eating sandwiches for every meal. Am I going to have to go out and buy a turkey – because this’ll almost certainly have to become stuffing?

In the age of rabid concern about food waste, these anxieties are even more heightened. But as the Huffington Post recently pointed out, a British company has found a better way, producing shorter loaves that still have normal-sized slices.

Interestingly, the Little Big Loaf from Kingsmill isn’t a new concept born out of our world’s increased concern over wasting food. The brand first introduced the 40 percent smaller loaves that boast “full size slices” right on the packaging back in 2009 after noticing the increase in single-person households in the UK. “Giving consumers this option does, we believe, reduce the amount of bread being wasted,” Kingsmill said very matter-of-factly to HuffPo via email. At the very least, it’s hard to imagine the loaves would cause people to waste more bread.

Of course, Kingsmill didn’t invent the idea of the half-loaf of bread, but the product once again serves as a reminder of the little things companies and consumers can do to tackle the much larger issues of waste. Then again, plenty of commenters on the article have another reminder for us: You can always just buy a normal loaf and freeze what you aren’t going to use right away.

Bread is so complicated. Maybe I should go gluten-free…