Meat to the face.

By Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 24, 2017
Credit: © Hector Sanchez

Did you know there is such thing as good cholesterol? Did you also know that eating brisket helps increase levels of good cholesterol? In just about the most exciting research finding of all time, Texas A&M AgriLife research scientist Dr. Stephen Smith discovered that the high levels of oleic acid in brisket help to increase levels of HDL, known as the good kind of cholesterol.

According to Smith, brisket is the ideal trim for ground beef. “Brisket has higher oleic acid than the flank or plate, which are the trims typically used to produce ground beef,” he said, “[and] Americans consume over 50 percent of their beef as ground beef.”

While we will certainly take this to heart when buying ground beef, we’re most excited to guiltlessly cut into a juicy piece of brisket.

Here, six ways to celebrate the deliciousness of science:

Barbecued Brisket and Burnt Ends

Barbecued Brisket and Burnt Ends
Ten hours on the grill with a slather, a rub and a mop give this brisket an extraordinarily robust flavor. Paul Kirk's recipe calls for a whole packer brisket, which includes both the flat (the larger, leaner portion) as well as the point (the smaller, fattier part for the burnt ends). When slicing the brisket, cut perpendicular to the grain to keep the meat juicy.
| Credit: © James Baigrie

This juicy, flavorful brisket spends ten hours on the grill and it is so worth it.

Gail Simmons’s Horseradish Brisket

Gail Simmons's Horseradish Brisket
Classic brisket gets added flavor from horseradish used two ways: as a rub and mixed into the meaty sauce.
| Credit: © Lucy Schaeffer

You’ll love the horseradish kick of Gail Simmons’s braised brisket.

Andrew Zimmern’s Hanukkah Brisket

Hanukkah Brisket

It doesn’t have to be Hanukkah for you to enjoy chef Andrew Zimmern’s juicy brisket, which is best roasted whole.

Beef Brisket with Lemon-Oregano Sauce

Beef Brisket with Lemon-Oregano Sauce

By both braising and roasting this brisket, you’ll get tender meat with a crispy crust.

Red-Wine-Braised Beef Brisket

Red-Wine-Braised Beef Brisket

This German braised brisket is both very sweet and very sour.

Rob Walsh’s Texas Barbecue Brisket

Robb Walsh’s Texas Barbecue Brisket. Photo © Hector Sanchez
Credit: © Hector Sanchez

Serve this juicy brisket with sliced white bread, chili beans, coleslaw, and pickles.

Hector Sanchez Hector Sanchez

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including flavor.