By Carey Jones
Updated February 04, 2016
© Melinda Ortley

There are sandwiches with loyal fans and then there are sandwiches that draw lines out the restaurant’s door every time they’re served. The BOB — or, if you want to call it by it’s full name, the “Brisket on a Biscuit” — is one of the latter. “It’s everything you want in a biscuit sandwich: Smoky, sweet, spicy and meaty,” says Chef Robert Lyford of Patina Green Home and Market outside Dallas, Texas. “It is one of the few things that I never get tired of eating.”

The bread: Lyford makes biscuits in-house with smoked cheddar cheese.

The filling: “The brisket is an Angus Brisket from Local Yocal, my neighbor butcher,” he says. “I rub it with salt and pepper, sear it and braise it in beef stock with dried chilies until it is tender. Then I chop the brisket and season with my house-made roasted tomato salsa and hot sauce.” All that, piled onto the smoked cheddar biscuit and topped with a jalapeño-blackberry jelly, from Luscombe Farms in Anna, TX.

When Lyford puts the sandwich on Patina Green’s menu every Friday, it often sells out by noon. “It’s so good that I put my name on it.”