Great news from Eric Haeberli and Phineas Hoang, the duo behind F&W's all-time favorite jam, the minimally named (and ultra-hard to come by) Jam. They're expanding. Last summer, they only made 100 jars of their intense jam, using fruit from a sole Blenheim apricot tree in California's Santa Clara Valley. But the waiting list got so long that they recently bought 3,000 pounds of fruit from a nearby Blenheim orchard to make 500 more jars. Because Eric and Phineas are still making all the jam themselves, it's a wonder they have time to launch another product: barbecue sauce. Just like the jam, it's packaged in mason jars and has an equally spare name: Bbq. And of course, it's delicious. "We don't have any special tomato vines, but we use seven different types of pepper," says Eric, explaining its superb kick. And to explain their productivity? "I"ve been running on two hours of sleep a night for the past month," he says.