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You should not be alarmed if you ever find a bright green potato chip in your bag of Lay's. Pay attention and you just might learn something about the business of potato chip making.

The mystery began on Reddit when a user posted a photo of two nearly neon green potato chips he found in his otherwise normal bag of Lay's Barbecue to the Mildly Interesting subreddit. Apparently more than "mildly" interesting, the post soon garnered plenty of attention from the Reddit community.

Luckily, anything's possible on a site that boasts more than 174 million unique visitors a month, and the thread was seen by a Lay's employee who provided an explanation for Green-Chipgate: "Actually, these chips were dyed with green food coloring so they'd be easy to find coming out of the fryer. Several times a day the amount of time the chips spend in the fryer is tested, and this makes them easy to find. Someone missed them obviously."

Not content with simply believing a comment left on the Internet (can you blame them?), the website Consumerist reached out to Lay's directly, and had the story confirmed: "The explanation provided by the self-identified employee is correct. We do use dyed chips to help test frying times of cooking oil in our manufacturing plants."

And there you have it. Green chips aren't just for St. Patrick's Day; they are a vital part of the day-to-day operation of a large potato chip concern. So next time you find some random green chips in your bag, just know that it was an oversight. A somewhat discomforting oversight.