By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 19, 2015

Planning a wedding is difficult, but it’s nowhere near as difficult as having to deal with the emotional distress of seeing it called off at the last minute. But a family in California decided to turn their devastating moment into something positive for those in need.

Quinn Duane was scheduled to be wed this past Saturday during an event that included a $35,000 reception at Sacramento’s ritzy Citizen Hotel. When she found out on Monday that the groom was backing out, Quinn’s mother, Kari, decided to follow through with the event anyway, scrapping the original guest list and instead inviting residents from a local homeless shelter.

Rashad Abdullah, one of many guests, brought his entire family: a wife and five children. “When you’re going through a hard time and a struggle for you to get out to do something different and with your family, it was really a blessing,” he told Sacramento’s KCRA. According to the news station’s report, appetizers, salad, cauliflower, gnocchi, salmon and even tri-tip were served, the same kind of food diners would normally find at the hotel’s four-star restaurant, The Grange.

The 27-year-old bride-to-be decided not to attend the event, understandably, opting to stay home with friends. However, her mother remained positive. “I feel a lot of heartache and heartbreak for her, but I will take away something good from this, I will,” Kari Duane said. Sounds like they might have made some new friends to invite to their next family gathering.