Take a peek inside the world of craft beer in this forthcoming documentary. 

Topmost among America’s great loves—which include Beyonce, majestic bald eagles, and football—is beer. And while we might drink a lot of Budweiser, Americans also take brewing craft beer very seriously, so much so the industry is now experiencing a craft beer boom that is so great, there are more beer breweries in this country than there are colleges. In America, 2.5 beer breweries open every day, on average. It stands to reason, given this obsession, that a film would arise to document just how deeply rooted beer is to American culture. Just such a film, called Brewmaster, directed by Douglas Tirola, will arrive in theatres in the new year.

The trailer, which you can watch exclusively on Food & Wine, details several aspects of American beer culture. It follows one man as he studies to acquire his Master Cicerone certification, the beer equivalent of becoming a sommelier. Another thread in the movie follows a young man who quit his job as a lawyer to brew his own beer and pursue his dream of opening a brewery of his own.

The film is also peppered with expert voices in the beer world, such as Jim Koch, the co-founder of the Boston Beer Company; Vaclav Berka, a senior brewmaster at Pilsner Urquell (the company funded the film in honor of its 175th anniversary); and Charles Papazian, who founded the Association of Brewers and the Great American Beer Festival.

The documentary, which at one point in the trailer refers to beer as the “most noble beverage ever conceived by man,” and “a gift from God,” so you know it takes this stuff seriously, visits the Great American Beer Festival, bears witness to what it takes to brew beer at home, and celebrates the most dedicated, passionate beer lovers in America.

The film, which sounds as though it will be required viewing for beer fanatics, will have select screenings in November and will be released to the general public in January.