The organization, which holds beer-friendly classical concerts, is branching out.
Credit: ChatchaiWA/Getty Images

Next time someone tells you all the time you spend drinking at craft breweries is a waste, you can slide over to a piano and bust out Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” to prove them wrong. Or at least you might be able to if you join a newly launched program called “Beerthoven Kraft” which aims to teach beer-lovers the basics of piano at a brewery.

As the number of breweries has surged towards 7,000 over the past decade, many have taken to hosting activities not usually associated with beer to drive interest. For instance, yoga sessions in breweries have become a popular trend. There’s an official beer choir. And now, Austin’s Beerthoven Concert Series—known for presenting classical music in casual settings that always include beer—has put another musical spin on brewery-based activities, introducing group adult piano classes starting this month at the city’s Lazarus Brewing.

Specifically called Beerthoven Kraft, the project is billed as “a mobile piano lab offering group piano lessons for adult beginners.” The class includes eight weeks of one-hour lessons for up to nine people with keyboards and one beer included, taught by a doctorate in piano performance no less. Beerthoven’s website says the curriculum includes things like “beer-themed music theory and reading, piano technique, [and] music history and appreciation.” The cost is $35 per session.

“We've had a special program brewing for the past couple of years,” the organization, which first launched in 2014, said according to Austin360, “a new addition to our programming that would offer adult music lessons with adult beverage, carrying on the Beerthoven tradition of keeping musical experiences sociable, drinkable—and, now, playable.”

Sadly for interested Austinites, the first class has already sold out. However, Beerthoven Kraft says it’s “currently working on producing a second class,” and a waitlist is already posted online. In the meantime, there’s always growlers and YouTube instructional videos—though you’ll have to find your own keyboard.