Credit: © George Napolitano / FilmMagic / Getty Images

The Trump campaign keeps blundering down the trail, destroying everything and everyone in its path. Many overseas are jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon, and now, a brewery in Scotland is hoping by giving the American presidential candidate a stake in their company this might inspire him to give up politics.

BrewDog, a craft brewer that has gotten plenty of press in the past by creating some of the world’s strongest beers, has decided to go after something even bigger: Donald Trump. Co-founder James Watt recently penned a very tongue-in-cheek open letter to the billionaire, gifting him a couple of shares in his BrewDog brewery.

In return, Watt hopes the holiday present “will spark a desire in you to get back into business” and maybe even spur the businessman to “give a gift to the rest of humanity [and] stop trying to become leader of the free world.”

It’s a wonderful sentiment, but one that’s unlikely to work. Apparently, the total value of the shares is only a meager $144. And the Donald reportedly doesn’t drink, so it’s doubtful getting advice from a beer brand is going do much to persuade him.

Regardless, the whole thing is a good publicity stunt for BrewDog, who also used the letter to remind people that the brand has “made it simpler than ever to give the gift of BrewDog shares at Christmas.” Getting free publicity by making wild public proclamations? It’s almost like they took this idea out of the Trump playbook.