And it will be inside an RV that looks like it belongs in the New Mexico desert.

Nearly four years have passed since Breaking Bad aired its finale, and yet much like the methamphetamine users Walter White catered to, addicts of the acclaimed AMC television show are still looking for their next fix. So good news for fans of the show who prefer cocktails to the harder stuff: the London-based Breaking Bad pop-up cocktail bar ABQ is coming to New York City this summer.

lollipop london coming to nyc
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Originally launched in 2015, ABQ offers patrons the chance to spend a couple hours hanging out in an RV modeled after Walter White’s meth lab, sipping a few cocktails created “using molecular mixology techniques,” as Lollipop, the team behind the bar, states. The idea is that these drinks are some fancy scientific-based stuff worthy of the Heisenberg name, not second-rate mixed drinks whipped up in a 2-liter bottle behind a gas station. About 30 people can squeeze into the RV at a time, where staff attend to guests while dressed in yellow hazmat jumpsuits.

abq bar in nyc from london
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According to Eater, the exact details of ABQ’s NYC iteration aren’t set in stone, but Lollipop is looking at several locations in Brooklyn, where the concept, which was extremely well-received during its two runs in London, will set up shop “for a few months this summer” starting in July. Wherever it lands, demand is expected to be high: ABQ’s website states that over 7,000 people have already signed up to get notified once the tickets – which are expected to cost $45 per person for the two-hour, three-drink session – are released.

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Lollipop has a history of newsworthy pop-ups. The provocative brand created by Sebastian Lyall may be even better known for The Bunyadi, its nude dining pop-up launched around this time last year. The fate of that concept appears to still be up in the air, though last we heard, Lyall is hoping to find “London’s first naked restaurant” a permanent home.