Juice glasses, trays and other accessories with A.M. style.

Paris-based industrial designer Matali Crasset has created everything from radios to chairs to hotels, using high-tech materials like silicone and polyurethane. Her juice glasses were inspired more by her memories than by technology: "They're a link to my childhood—when I lived on Orangina." When a glass is empty, a cartoon of Crasset's face appears at the bottom ($5 at the Terence Conran Shop; 866-755-9079).


Excellent wake-up calls: "Pacific" hardwood bed tray from Crate & Barrel ($40; 800-996-9960). Hand-woven wicker and olive green leather breakfast tray by Rebecca Moses for Pineider ($425; 800-967-3788). "T Tray Table" in natural wood, with folding chrome legs that adjust to two heights, by David Quan for Umbra ($50; 800-387-5122).


Eegal starts to the morning: "Ritz Brocca" long-necked lead-crystal pitcher from Richard Ginori ($155; 800-215-1193). "Patsy" lead-crystal jug, handmade in England and decorated with olive-shaped cuts, from William Yeoward ($210; 800-818-8484). "Perfection" mouth-blown lead-crystal pitcher from Baccarat ($595; 800-777-0100).


Fresh-squeezed fun: "Trimmings" by M Glass ($25 for a set of two; 212-725-7690) and Andy Warhol's "Charming Images" from Rosenthal ($25 for a set of two; 800-804-8070). "Bunny" crystal from William Yeoward ($100) and "Omni" crystal from Cristal Saint-Louis ($65; 800-238-5522). "Grid" by Eastern Trading from Delphinium Home ($15 for a set of six; 212-333-3213) and "Mod Squad" by Presidio from E.A.T. Gifts ($19 for a set of four; 212-861-2544).