Shannon McLean, fashion designer to the young social set, shows off her divine Audrey Hepburn style at a midnight meal worthy of Holly Golightly.

Swiss schooled, Italian educated, a resident of Manhattan's Upper East Side and the designer of choice for "pretty much all of the junior social set in New York," as she puts it, Shannon McLean is an advocate of proper attire. And a midnight supper for two after a night on the town calls for something special--in McLean's case, a silk chiffon "boomerang" dress, one of many designs she sells at her studio and through Bergdorf Goodman. Like the meal F&W created in her apartment, the dress was inspired by one of McLean's idols: Audrey Hepburn in her Breakfast at Tiffany's incarnation. Study this Sixties-derived sheath and you'll see it's tattooed with a giraffe print. So is the frosting on the cake McLean holds. It's an illustration of one of her ideas about style: She likes things that look simple but reveal their spots, so to speak, on closer examination. With that cake, she'll be serving mimosas, potato hash and truffled eggs. "They might look like scrambled eggs," she says, "but when you get closer, you smell what truffles do to a plain old egg." What they do to that egg is help it get properly dressed.