The culprit recklessly drove the vehicle around the city for over an hour with police in hot pursuit.

Southern California is no stranger to high-speed car chases — so it takes something truly unusual to stand out from the crowd. But on Thanksgiving, of all evenings, one woman did her best to make it a holiday to remember, recklessly driving a Nature's Harvest bread truck around Los Angeles for an hour with police in hot pursuit.

The unnamed suspect was eventually apprehended in Compton shortly after 10 p.m. while attempting to flee the vehicle on foot, but she didn't give up without a fight. According to CBSLA, the pursuit started around 9:10 p.m. when police tried to stop the vehicle for reckless driving in Compton. Instead of pulling over, the driver continued her reckless streak, with ABC7 — which identified the truck as being stolen — saying she led police on a chase through parts of Los Angeles and Long Beach, driving on the sidewalk, knocking over tree branches, and even pushing her way through a police blockade.

A car van is loaded with fresh hot bread
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Police eventually laid down spike strips, a move that slowed but didn't stop the chase as the suspect continued to drive while the damaged passenger-side tires began smoking and throwing up sparks. In the end, it reportedly took about a half-dozen officers to apprehend the driver after she exited the truck, which appeared relatively empty in video from the scene (in case you were wondering if her motive was to grab some last-minute Thanksgiving stuffing).

According to the Santa Monica Observer, the woman could face charges not only for stealing the truck, but also for assault with a deadly weapon against an officer after attempting to back the vehicle into pursuing police officers. "Just crazy driving on this guy's part," Daron Wyatt, a retired officer, was quoted as saying.

Crazy driving, sure, but probably not as crazy as the choice of vehicle: If you ever find yourself in a high-speed chase, a box truck isn't a great option. Those things aren't easy to drive — which may explain why she was driving recklessly to begin with.