Credit: Courtesy of NeuroGum

Does a gum that aids your brain sound ridiculous? Because apparently it doesn’t to at least 299 people.

That’s how many it took to push “NeuroGum,” which claims its “patented nootropic (cognition enhancing) caffeine + L-theanine blend with brain-boosting B vitamins are scientifically proven to enhance focus and cognition, all while giving you a fresh breath of energy,” over their crowd-funding goal.

Compared to other products in the recent barrage of items touting nootropic effects (nootropic still means “cognition enhancing,” by the way), NeuroGum hits the same notes: Beyond caffeine, it’s also enhanced with those buzzworthy “stacks"—mysterious other ingredients that supposedly take your brain to the next level. And yes, they want you to know their product was developed through “scientific research,” meaning, no, you’re not buying bootleg, bathtub nootropic gum.

Possibly their killer app is that they claim chewing helps you absorb all those brain-boosters five times faster than you would drinking an energy drink. Until Indiegogo gets a campaign for a snortable nootropic powder, that’s probably about as fast as you can hope for. (Though now that we’ve put the idea out there, can that powder be far behind?)

Still, jokes aside, people are interested in these products. NeuroGum hit its $10,000 fund-raising goal in just two days.