If you like the idea of wine but don't like the taste or color, this blend is for you.

Credit: © Gïk Live!

Spain's notorious blue wine first made headlines in June, when the Spanish company Gik Live introduced the quirky beverage, which gets its hue from—supposedly—natural pigmentation in grape skin extract, lending the liquid its distinct indigo color.

Now the electric-hued vino is making its way across the ocean and landing in American stores this October. The makers, who claim "We are not vintners. We are creators," on their website, are a group of six twenty-somethings, including artists, engineers and musicians. The inspiration behind the unique blend—which has an 11.5 percent alcohol content and dumps together red and white grapes from Spain and France—was to make a wine that was "sweeter and easier to drink."

In an interview with Munchies earlier this month, blue wine co-creator Aritz Lopez shared the company's mission: "Our aim was to create a very easy to drink beverage... it is made for everyone, for normal people that don't need to know thousands of rules in order to enjoy a wine."

The wine, which according to Lopez, "tastes sweet and fresh and has no heritage," was apparently only identified as a wine by one of 15 people in Gik's own taste test; some others believed it to be a soft drink. Despite the fact it might not taste much like wine at all, the founders claim they have sold upwards of 80,000 bottles since launching in early summer.

Soon, all of America will be able to sip on this soft drink-like wine. The bottles will sell for $16 a pop, but if you just can't wait for October, you can preorder yours now, or while you're at it, mix vodka and gatorade.