The renowned Denmark choir participated in the tear-inducing challenge alongside ghost pepper aficionado “Chili Claus.”
choir boys eat chili peppers
Credit: PhotoAlto / Anne-Sophie Bost / Getty Images

‘Tis certainly the season for singing, but also food pranks as this viral experiment featuring a boys choir and some ghost chili peppers proves.

Despite being one of the last things you’d probably want to eat, people have been recording themselves eating ghost peppers for several years. In fact, it became its own sort of viral challenge, most noticeably back in 2014 with the help of one man named Claus ‘Wunderhits’ Pilgaard. Also known as “Chili Claus,” the musician, actor, comedian, chili binge-eater and chili-based products brand owner is famous for convincing people to eat what was once considered the hottest pepper on the planet, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. While ghost peppers are only the seventh hottest as of this year, they still destroy your mouth, and Claus has managed to capture this happening repeatedly to people because why not.

At one point that meant convincing 1,000 people in Copenhagen to eat the peppers simultaneously, but more recently that’s meant a young boys choir singing Christmas music. We’re not even sure if kids can consent to this (or why a parent would), but it happened among than elite collection of male singers known as Denmark's Herning Boys Choir, an international touring group of 50 young men and boys Pilgaard says he was once a part of.

In this nearly four-minute video, viewers are offered a pepper-free rendition of "O Come, All Ye Faithful" before the group bites into their ghost pepper. You can then watch as their beautiful expressions of cheer are painfully interrupted by the scorching afterburn of eating one of the world’s hottest peppers.

Similar to when Pilgaard had the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing “Tango Jalousie” while eating ghost peppers, it takes a moment for everyone to get the pepper down. But as soon as the music strikes up again, you immediately understand that chewing was the least painful part of the entire ordeal. There’s vocal wavering, someone’s off key and the group of young boys and men start fidgeting so much it makes whatever is happening to them seem entirely undesirable.

There are a couple of singers who, like Pilgaard, somehow manage to soldier on, beating back the reflexive feeling of your entire body being on fire from the inside. To which we say congratulations. You are the strongest among us. That or you practiced a lot before this video was recorded, which still makes you the strongest among us.