Skip the necktie and give dad something sweeter.
Credit: Courtesy of Sugarfina

While there’s nothing wrong with sending dad flowers or a box of chocolates on Father’s Day, there might be a bolder move to be made with bourbon. But not just any old handle of booze, we’re talking the one way your pops has probably never tasted the oaky, caramel notes associated with this spirit: gummy bears.

Bourbon Bears are now available from Sugarfina, the purveyor of refined and adult-oriented treats. The gummy bears are made with single barrel bourbon and feature “a sweet kick of Kentucky’s finest,” though they’re non-alcoholic. They’ve actually been available since February, but Father’s Day seems like the perfect occasion to pick up a box.

Sugarfina is no stranger to boozing up its confections (some are spiked and some are non-alcoholic). The online store features candies made to emulate beverages like Champagne, Bellini, Cuba libre and even stout and pale ale beer gummies. The brand also recently released a line of Casamigos tequila-forward sweets, including margarita gummies, grapefruit sour gummies and chocolate “give it a shot” cordials. They’re also the brand behind those super popular rosé-flavored gummy bears and gummy roses.

If you’re looking to treat your beef-and-bourbon-loving dad right this Father’s Day, consider this option: the Bourbon Bears are featured in a gift basket from UrbanStems called “The Swanson” (ostensibly named after the Nick Offerman character) which also features Three Jerks maple bourbon filet mignon jerky, Harper Macaw bourbon chocolate, Onyx coffee and, in lieu of flowers, a tiny plant that never needs watering.

Credit: Courtesy of UrbanStems/Laura Metzler

Of course if your father doesn’t fancy himself a candy man, you could just go the tried-and-true route and buy dad a nice bottle of actual bourbon. You might go with Maker’s Mark or Jim Beam Black or some of these other noteworthy labels, and throw in some bourbon rocks (you don’t want any pesky ice diluting your thoughtful present).