By Hannah Burkhalter
Updated December 01, 2016
Credit: Chien-Ju Shen

This piece originally appeared on MyRecipes.

The four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are always full.

They are full in a joyful sense; full of cheerful music, lights, gifts, tradition, and time with your people. But they are also full in a physically draining sense; full of busy workdays, gift purchasing, and holiday parties with people you dont even know that well. Then there are those multi-hour-long family gatherings with all of the extended family. Need I say more?

When it comes to holiday treats, I say there's no holding back. Becuase dang it, you deserve it. Don't choose between a holiday dessert and booze (the giver of holiday spirit). Make a hybrid of the two: a cookie bound together with liquor. Don't get me wrong. I love Christmastime, almost to an obnoxious degree. But anyone who says that the holiday season isn't physically/mentally/emotionally exhausting has gotta be either Martha Stewart or lying. If there is ever a time to soak a dessert with brown liquor, the month of December is definitely that time. Choose from this collection of our best bourbon and rum balls for a brighter holiday season all-around.

Bourbon Balls


Or hey, mix things up and make these Pecan Bourbon Balls by adding spice and toasting the pecans for sweet and salty treat.


If you're a chocoholic, you're sure to love this recipe, where the whole ball is dumked in melted semi-sweet chips.


Rum Balls


Any of these boozy little balls can be a sure cure for an exceptionally long work day, a rave-worthy treat for any holiday party, and delicious remedy for awkward family gatherings. P.S. Even though these no-bake treats are super simple to throw together, they only get better with time; in fact, make them a week ahead of when you anticipate serving them for the fullest flavor.