By Carey Jones
Updated September 14, 2015
Courtesy of Hot Joy

No one could accuse boudin—the traditional Cajun sausage make with pork, cooked rice, and spices—of being insufficiently decadent. Spicy, fatty and delicious, it's a regional favorite for a reason.

So stuffing it into a grilled cheese might be borderline obscene. But also completely brilliant.

Hot Joy, in San Antonio, TX, didn't invent the boudin grilled cheese; they freely cite Johnson’s Boucaniere in Lafayette, LA, as the creator. But with a menu that works Asian flavors into southern and Cajun dishes, Hot Joy created a version that's totally unique.

The bread: A pressed hamburger bun holds this sloppy thing together.

The filling: Hot Joy's house boudin is the star, with nori and dashi to add a distinct Japanese influence. That boudin is pressed into a hot, overstuffed sandwich with melty American cheese, bonito, pickles, Kewpie mayonnaise, and tonkatsu sauce (like a Japanese barbecue sauce in its sweet-and-savory flavors). The result is a sandwich that's half Japanese junk food, half pure Cajun… and who could fault that combination?