Guests can use the winery's app to create a specific blend and personalized label.
terravant wine company
Credit: Universal Images Group / Gety Images

One of the country's largest wineries is inviting visitors into the barrels for a one-of-a-kind winemaking experience.

Santa Barbara's largest winemaking facility Terravant Wine Company has opened its doors for the first time ever, offering wine lovers a rare look at how it processes more than a million cases of wine each year. As part of that experience, guests will also be able to try and bring home their very own custom bottle of wine.

The experience is part of an official tour of the custom crush facility where Terravant is responsible for processing wine that is bottled and sold under a plethora of brand labels. During their tour, visitors will get to see exactly how the entire winemaking process—from tasting to labeling—happens.

Those interested in getting the behind-the-scenes look are required to book an appointment, which will grant them access to the tour where they can roam both the production facility and Terravant's barrel room. Before arriving, tour participants will want to play with the winery's new app, Bottlest, which lets users customize their very own blend, as well as the label the bottle comes with. The app is designed to give users the ability to control everything from how sweet or dry, fruity or earthy, or even how oaky the wine is. After each person finds their perfect combination, they'll be able to see how popular their taste preferences are among other app users.

Once the taste customization has been submitted, tour participants will head to the behind-the-barrel exhibit to explore the facility and learn the ins-and-outs of winemaking. During the event, participants will be able to taste six different blended wines, as well as samples straight from the tanks and barrels. As they move through the site, they'll also be privy to how each step at a winery helps the finished bottle come together. At the end, they'll receive the custom bottle they crafted through the Bottlest app.

The cost of this intoxicating tour is $25 per person and covers the entire experience, from tastings to your own personalized bottle of wine.