A Cheese Course
If you have a hard time telling Gouda from Gruyère, The Cheese Companion by Judy Ridgway could be the book for you. This handy volume identifies 120 cheeses from around the world, yet it's small enough to carry while shopping ($24.95; Running Press).

Towering Ambition
Atop the ultramodern Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, the new Tower Restaurant has fabulous skyline views and a menu featuring innovative Scottish dishes like smoked- haddock risotto (011-44-131-225-0977).

Achieving the ultimate cup of coffee has become a national obsession. Hearthware's green bean roaster takes the quest to the extreme. And the latest user-friendly espresso pump machines--Krups's Superiore and Capresso's Ultima--tamp down the ground beans for you and produce a perfect crema topping.

Two Tru
Former F&W Best New Chefs Gale Gand and Rick Tramonto are the duo behind Tru, a new Chicago restaurant that serves up Asian-spiced snapper pot-au-feu and other twists on classic French food (312-202-0001).

A Morelity Tale
To celebrate the start of mushroom-hunting season, top a sandwich or spike a sauce with Condouret's Dijon mustard with morels, imported from France. The F&W test kitchen loves its tangy, earthy flavor ($12 for 3.5 ounces; 212-737-0600).