It’s the perfect spreadable sequel to the advent calendar.

By Megan Soll
Updated January 17, 2020
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We’re always in the market for delicious jams and preserves, and take great care in taste-testing and enjoying all manner of fruit spreads and marmalades—and gifting them, too. Bonne Maman preserves are consistently some of our favorites, and they've cornered the market on jam-based holiday gift sets ever since the inception of their famous Jam Advent Calendar. Lucky for us, they’ve released a brand new gift box just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Credit: Bonne Maman

Bonne Maman’s “Ten Ways to Say I Love You” box includes 10 sample jars of their most popular varieties available year-round. It includes Apricot, Cherry, Fig, Grape, Honey, Orange Marmalade, Raspberry, Strawberry (2 jars), and Wild Blueberry. Our staff especially loved the fig and strawberry flavors. Each little jar is tucked behind a window (just like the classic advent calendar), to be popped out and enjoyed at your leisure.

Credit: Bonne Maman

Gift this set to delight your friends, your parents, or your sweetheart—nothing brightens a blustery winter day like a good topping for toasts and pastries. If you want even more variety, you can still buy the advent calendar and other mini jam sets on Amazon. These jams deserve a worthy vehicle, so whip up some fresh pastries to share the love, or use them as inspiration and try your hand at making your own.

Bonne Maman “Ten Ways to Say I Love You” set, $16 at