By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 11, 2015
© Elizabeth Cecil

It’s been a tough year for bone broth. Possibly the hottest food trend of 2014 hasn’t gotten near the same level of love recently. But now it looks like the hip food stuff will end 2015 with a bang. Brodo, the storefront at the fore of the bone broth craze, announced a partnership with well-known ice cream shop Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream. Yes, bone broth and ice cream: Together… at last?

However, the results aren’t broth-tinged ice cream flavors. Instead, Brodo’s Marco Canora and Morgenstern’s namesake Nick Morgenstern (both of whom used to work at Gramercy Tavern) have come up with a couple of bizarrely festive holiday beverages. Sure, it doesn’t seem like the most sensible collaboration, but the two products this newly-formed team will be offering up do sound interesting.

If you’ve been lamenting that you can’t get a good hot chocolate with beef in it, you’re going to love the “St. Nick” – basically a mix of chocolate, grass-fed gingered beef broth and coconut milk. “It’s like broth hot cocoa,” Morgenstern told Grub Street. “It’s just fucking outrageous,” Canora stressed.

Meanwhile, if you’re more of a “I-wish-there-was-chicken-in-my-eggnog” type of person, you might lean towards the somewhat frighteningly named “What Came First” – a take on eggnog that includes a mix of organic egg yolk with organic chicken broth and some freshly grated nutmeg for good measure.

You can grab both crazy bone broth-based sweet beverages at Morgenstern’s in Manhattan. Or, if you happen to have some Nesquik and a beef bouillon cube, you could try… actually, no, I’d let the guys at Brodo and Morgenstern’s handle this one for you.