If you want to buy one, you’ll have to be quick.

Rose Wine
Credit: David Cicconi

With all the hype that Bon Jovi’s Diving into Hampton Water rosé has received, the wine was almost certainly going to be popular. After all, how could it not be? It combines the power of rosé with the power of Jon Bon Jovi—to mention nothing of the power of the Hamptons. Even still, you might not have expected it to be this popular: the Gerard Bertrand warehouses stocking this rosé are empty—everything produced as part of the 2017 vintage has already been sold to suppliers.

In a conversation this week with The Drinks Business, Bertrand let the beans spill on the burgeoning success of his much-hyped wine collaboration with rocker Jon Bon Jovi. “We sold the entire 2017 production of Diving into Hampton Water on allocation this year and the plan is to make more next year to satisfy demand,” he said.

So, although Diving into Hampton Water won’t officially be released until April 1, bottles will likely fly off store shelves if the industry demand is any indication.

As Bertrand continued, part of the issue is that this rosé has a huge scope for such a new product. “The wine is on sale in 15 countries and will go on sale in the U.K. in May,” he said. Bon Jovi also hasn’t been shy about promoting his new wine project; he even traveled in a Diving into Hampton Water-branded private plane on his current tour.

Meanwhile, the well-known Languedoc producer also waxed poetic about working with a rocker. “This is my first wine partnership and it’s been a great experience,” Bertrand added. “It’s like collaborating on a song.”

Fair enough, though no matter how good this rosé is, it’s unlikely it’ll be better than the album Slippery When Wet.