UberEats saw a 10-percent bump in sales over the four days of the snowstorm.
uber eats during snowstorm this year
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

Delivery is one of the biggest trends in the restaurant business today: Cleary, people don’t want to leave their house to pick up food if they don’t have to. That said, some delivery moments are more satisfying than others—the “it’s raining” delivery, the “too hungover to leave the couch” delivery, and, of course, the “bomb cyclone” delivery. Yes, unsurprisingly, plenty of people had no interest in battling last week’s cold, snowy mess, even to eat, and the results were apparently a boon for delivery services.

According to UberEats, the tech-savvy taxi service’s food delivery arm, food orders increased almost 10 percent across the entire U.S. from January 3 to January 6—and keep in mind, the storm only hit about half the country, meaning the surge in Eastern U.S. sales might have been even higher than that already impressive number.

But beyond the obvious—that people would prefer not to leave their house during probably the worst snowstorm of the season—UberEats decided to dig even deeper into the data to see what dishes customers were using to help mentally fend off the cold. Interest, outside of Columbus, Ohio—which had the right idea by making Pho its most ordered dish—many of the results aren’t necessarily what you’d expect.

Below, find a list of 9 major cities’ most requested dish during the warm summer month of July compared to what became the top order over the four-day period of the snowstorm…

  • Atlanta went from wings in the summer to chicken fingers during the snowstorm
  • Boston went from two-protein rice bowls to gyros
  • Chicago went from build your own salad bowls to tacos
  • Dallas went from tacos to tacos (okay, apparently Dallas just loves tacos!)
  • Miami went from poke bowls to croquettes
  • Nashville went from burgers to Pad Thai
  • New York City went from poke bowls to chicken & waffles
  • Philadelphia went from cheesesteaks to cheesesteaks (what did you expect?!)
  • Pittsburgh went from wings to egg rolls