Bob's Burgers Art Show
Credit: © FOX / Contributor

Plenty of TV shows have inspired pop-up restaurants/bars/cafés – Friends, Breaking Bad, Twin Peaks, Saved by the Bell – but few seem to deserve the pop-up treatment as much as Bob’s Burgers. The Fox show has it all: The characters own, run and live above a restaurant, not to mention that the series is literally named after a food item. Plus, it already has a cookbook filled with recipes for burgers featured on the animated restaurant’s always punny specials board.

Well, starting this week, those who have dreamed of bringing a bit of the Belcher family into the real world are getting their wish – kinda – in the form of a 10-day Bob’s Burgers art show that will also feature a burger component. Granted, it’s not a full-fledged pop-up with replica red booths and stools that make farting sounds when you sit on them, but for the time being, it’s the closest fans can get.

According to Eater LA, the event, called 10 Days of Burger, will kick off tomorrow, December 1, at Unit 120 in the Far East Plaza in LA’s Chinatown neighborhood. The primary purpose of the pop-up is described as an art show featuring work by Bob’s Burgers’ artists – potentially an interesting event in its own right – but accompanying the exhibition will be burgers cooked by a different guest chef each day showing of his or her own Bob Burgers-inspired offerings. Unfortunately, details seems scarce beyond that – but then again, you were probably either on board at “Bob’s Burgers” or didn’t make it this far anyway.

Additional good news: The people behind Unit 120 apparently know burgers. Eater points out that earlier this year the self-described “culinary incubator” was home to a burger concept called Easy’s that’s currently looking for permanent digs. I guess we’ll find out starting tomorrow whether these TV-themed burgers will be as tasty as that. But at the very least, maybe you can buy something created by one of Bob’s Burgers artists? It’ll look great on your wall next to your King of the Hill poster and your signed portrait of Seth MacFarlane.