The Belchers celebrate Halloween in the best way possible: with burgers.
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bobs burgers halloween specials
Credit: Courtesy of Fox

Fox’s hit animation Bob’s Burgers isn’t just loved for its quirky family dynamics and zany restaurant hijinks. The series is also full of witty and hilarious running gags, including its ever-growing list of burger-of-the-day specials. These food puns with the occasional pop-culture twist get particularly inventive during the holidays. With Halloween being both one of the Belchers' favorite holidays and right around the corner, here’s a list of every Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode and its corresponding burger special.

fort night halloween special
Credit: Courtesy of Fox

In this very first Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode, the Belcher kids have their very first trick-or-treat without a parent chaperon. On their way through the neighborhood, they pick up seaweed candy, packets of hot sauce, and fortune cookies before deciding to take the ferry to the island where the rich neighborhood gives out full-sized candy bars. For the series’ first Halloween Burger-of-the-Day, the restaurant offered customers “The Jack-O-Lentil Burger,” a play on the legume and the jack-o-lantern.

In the season four holiday special, a plan to go trick-or-treating as a Chinese dragon is foiled when the kids get trapped and tortured in their cardboard fort by one of Louise’s creepy, obsessive classmates. This episode’s special burger was "The Cauliflower's Cumin from Inside the House Burger.” The vegetable and spice-inspired plate is a play on the horror movie trope "The call is coming from inside the house.” The “Store Next Door” in this episode’s opening credits was also called Johnny Razor’s Totally Normal Candy Store, a nod to the urban legend and product tampering scare of the 1980s about razors being stuck into children’s Halloween candy.

This season five episode takes the award for the most burgers in any Halloween episode. After an exterminator tells people Bob’s restaurant is haunted, they get an influx of customers interested in dining with the spirit. As a result, they end up delivering a number of burger specials including the Texas Chainsaw Massacre inspired "Texas Chainsaw Massa-curd Burger” and “The Human Polenta-pede Burger,” based on the horror film The Human Centipede. There is also the "Kales From the Crypt Burger" which is a nod to the classic horror anthology TV series Tales from the Crypt, and finally the "Paranormal Pepper Jack-tivity Burger,” a reference to the Paranormal Activity films.

the hauntening
Credit: Courtesy of Fox

For season six’s Halloween episode, the Belcher’s ditch plans to go to a haunted house and instead turn their friend Mort the Mortician’s home into one. During one part of the haunted house tour, Linda even reveals her angel-haired inspired entrails. The episode’s specialty burger is the "Breaking Radish Burger,” which comes with a side of radish and is a play on the now-ended popular AMC series Breaking Bad.

The main storyline of the episode sees Tina learning how to cast spells to win a school costume contest as a Sandwitch. The specialty burger was "Muenster Under the Bun Burger,” a play on the monster under the bed trope. Viewers were also treated to a second burger, or rather the shape of one. Using a stencil, Bob carves several pumpkins with the image of a burger, each disappearing after he leaves them outside the restaurant.

bobs burger wolf on wharf street
Credit: Courtesy of Fox

In Bob’s Burgers latest Halloween episode, Linda joins the kids for trick-or-treating and ends up leading them into a terrifying encounter with a wolf reportedly stalking the neighborhood. While this holiday special was one of the rare episodes without a burger-of-the-day, viewers saw Gene trick-or-treating as a bushel of juicy purple grapes.