For his new country kitchen, the Food Network chef combined natural materials like slate and granite with a cooler, '60s aesthetic


Chairs "My daughter calls this place the White House, because everything is white," Flay says, down to these vintage 1960s leather-and-chrome bar stools ($1,750 each from ABC Carpet & Home; 212-473-3000).

Appliances Flay chose a white enamel finish for his three Viking appliances: refrigerator ($6,700), stove ($8,300) and dishwasher ($1,700; 888-VIKING-1).

Counters Flay used gray granite from Stone Source for the counter because it's low maintenance (212-979-6400).

Cabinets With translucent IKEA "Avsikt" cabinet doors, Flay "can see what's in there, but it's not obvious to everyone else" ($42 each; 800-434-4532). The lower cabinets' stainless steel Colonial "Institutional" drawer pulls suggest the look of a lab ($13 from Baer Supply Co.; 800-289-2237).

Sink and Faucet The Kohler "Dickinson" white enamel cast-iron farm sink "feels like something from another era," Flay says ($970, from Davis & Warshow; 212-593-0435). The polished chrome Kohler "Coralais" faucet has a single handle, so you need only one hand to change the temperature and flow ($120, from Davis & Warshow).

Windows and Lighting Architect Stephen Tanenbaum of Set Design Collaborative (212-947-8929) replaced the wall under the cabinets with windows to let in natural light, so Flay uses the under-cabinet fixtures only at night (WAC "BA" series, $46 for a 24-inch strip, from Lee's Studio; 212-581-4400). The Andersen awning windows have a pine finish ($220 for a 48-inch by 17-inch window; 888-888-7020). The Flos "Venezia" sconce has white frosted glass ($170 per sconce, from Lee's Studio).

Floor Since the swimming pool is right outside the kitchen door, Flay put in slate floors, which are less slippery than tile when they're wet ($6 a square foot from Tiles—A Refined Selection; 212-255-4450).