Chelsea Morse shares the history and recipe for Bobby Flay's Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich.

By Chelsea Morse
Updated May 31, 2017
© Barnard & Meyer

The Hot Brown originated in 1926 at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. An open-face hot turkey sandwich topped with cheese sauce and bacon, it fortified guests late at night after the hotel’s popular dinner dances. Chef Bobby Flay, who travels to the Kentucky Derby in Louisville nearly every year, adapted the recipe for his New York City bistro, Bar Americain. He describes the dish as a smart way to repurpose holiday leftovers: roast turkey, odds and ends from cheese plates and bread that didn’t make it into stuffing. “You can use all the extras,” he says. “And then after you eat, you crawl under a blanket and take a long nap.” 152 W. 52nd St.;