Traveling for his TV shows, like FoodNation, has allowed überchef Bobby Flay into dining rooms across America, from the Smoky Mountains to Puget Sound. Here, Flay shares favorite fast recipes inspired by his journeys and by the regional ingredients he'll highlight at his new Manhattan restaurant, Bar Americain.


Sorbet Sandwiches
Soften mango, grapefruit or blood-orange sorbet slightly, then sandwich between crunchy store-bought sugar cookies; freeze briefly and serve.

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Cocktail Cherries
Most maraschino cherries taste like the fake almond-flavored syrup they're soaked in—not fruit. Now Michter's, the acclaimed whiskey producer, has introduced Small Batch Cocktail Cherries, which are made with tart Michigan Balaton fruit. These not-too-sweet cherries have such true flavor, you might even be tempted to use them in a pie ($7 for 9 ounces;
—Rob Willey

Bobby Flay's latest opening: Bar Americain, 152 W. 52nd St., New York City; 212-265-9700.