Those celebrities, as well as many others, created the artwork in honor of the shop's sweet sixteen anniversary.

Walk into a Dylan’s Candy Bar and you’ll find a wonderland of sweets—floor to ceiling rainbow colors of gummies, Jawbreakers, licorice, lollipops—every kind of candy you can imagine. Its Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory come to life, just as colorful, and somehow beautiful too, even though it might make your stomach hurt looking at all that sugar. Proving that yes, candy can be beautiful, celebrities embraced their inner child and gathered together to help celebrate the sweet sixteen anniversary of the Dylan’s Candy Bar to create a series of edible murals made from candy.

martha stewart candy art mosaic
Credit: Courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar

Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Andy Cohen and many others worked on their own personal murals for the collection, which will be on view at the shop’s flagship store on Third Ave in New York City. Flay, for instance, created a realistic looking burger, topped with a pile of potato chips, while Martha Stewart created a platter decorated with blooming purple and pink flowers. Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand, made an extremely detailed self-portrait, and Andy Cohen captured an adorable dog in the candy. Turns out, given the right tools, some of these celebrities—whether they're chefs, actors, or the one true queen of all things lifestyle—actually have serious artistic skills.

dylans candy bar makes candy mosaics for charity
Credit: Courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar
andy cohen dog out of jelly beans
Credit: Courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar

Founded by Dylan Lauren (daughter of the designer Ralph Lauren), Dylan’s Candy Bar is making sure the artwork goes to a good cause: Starting today, the mosaics will also be up for auction, with the proceeds going to the charity of the artist’s choice. You can bid on the fully edible mosaics on the store’s website, where you’ll also find a full list of the participating celebrities, their creations, and their charities of choice.

15 percent of proceeds from an additional line of products, which includes chocolate bars and Dylan’s Candy Bar signature “Tackle Boxes,” which features the celebrities’ artwork on the packaging, will also be donated to the specified charities.