Look for it next month. 
Bob Dylan whiskey
Credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Though Bob Dylan doesn’t often give interviews or appear in public (not even to receive the Nobel prize) the folk music hero has briefly returned to the spotlight to launch a new line of whiskey called Heaven’s Door Spirits.

Dylan partnered with entrepreneur Marc Bushala to produce the Tennessee whiskey at a distillery located in an old church. According to the Guardian, Heaven’s Door Spirits will release a “bourbon, a double barrel whiskey and a straight rye,” in a limited release next month, with plans to launch nationwide still in the works.

Bushala says he was moved to reach out to Dylan after noticing that the singer had filed a trademark for “bootleg whiskey”—perhaps a nod to his ongoing Bootleg Series of albums, which he’s been releasing since the early nineties.

The name of the whiskey is, of course, a nod to one of Dylan’s most famous recordings. Never one to be too flashy, his signature is printed on the inside of the bottle’s label, making it visible only once you’ve emptied it. As for the flavor—well, you can depend on Dylan to be more poetic than concrete. Bushala says that his collaborator was looking for a “mood or a feeling,” not specific flavor as the pair were developing the whiskey.

Bushala insists that “This is his brand, and it’s his idea. We just helped him do what he wanted to do.”

However, there’s no denying that liquor brands tied to celebrities have proven to be lucrative: The Rock will soon launch his own tequila brand, in the wake of George Clooney’s Casamigos tequila selling for nearly $1 billion.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you’ll find Dylan’s face plastered on billboards, or catch him at more public appearances. Bushala is insistent that Dylan will remain elusive as ever.

“He’s not going to do appearances or bottle signings. He didn’t even pick up his Nobel prize, so he’s not going to go out touting this,” Bushala says.