Despite a rocky start (breakouts, low energy, cravings for texture of any kind), I felt amazing the morning of my final day on the cleanse. My skin was suddenly glowing (or so I was told by friends), and I was freakishly energetic. My first green juice of the day tasted strangely delicious, and again, I wasn’t hungry at all. I cheated slightly, caving to a small black coffee in the morning, but other than that I stuck to the rules.

The Blueprint Cleanse founders, Erica Huss (a former producer on Lidia Bastianich’s Italian-American Kitchen) and Zoe Sakoutis (a raw-foodist who likes to indulge every so often), are actually foodies at heart, which is perhaps why this cleanse was so doable for someone who likes to eat.

Luckily, I did the cleanse with a friend. The moral support helped a lot, but she sadistically suggested we meet in NYC’s Madison Square Park to drink our last cashew-nut juice together. There was something utterly wrong about drinking a juice steps from Shake Shack, and if the line had been any shorter, I might have broken down. But we toasted ourselves and actually both confessed that we felt pretty fantastic. I’m sure my body needed the time out, and now that it’s cleansed, I’m ready to retox (and just in time to taste Jacques Torres’s new ice creams, too).