Soy milk? Nut milk? Forget it. Try this purple milk instead. 


The definition of the milk these days is a little confusing: There is, of course, the traditional kind that comes from cows. Then there’s non-diary variety, which can come from soybeans, and nut milk (also non-dairy) that can be made from almonds, coconuts, and cashews. Even more exotic varieties include hemp and pea milk. We understand that these non-diary types of milk are not truly milk because they don’t come from a mammal (and there’s currently a heated debate happening over how to label these beverages). But what about blueberry milk? No, it is not milk made from blueberries—that would just be juice. This is good old, classic cow’s milk flavored with wild Maine blueberries.

Yes, it is the milk flavor that you never knew you needed. Chocolate milk is obviously a stalwart classic that will always be delicious. Strawberry milk is slightly more adventurous, possibly underappreciated. This Spring, Oakhurst Dairy, which is based in Portland, Maine, will unleash their wild blueberry milk on grocery stores, and we’ll find out where it stands in the rankings of milk flavors.

According to the Press Herald, the Oakhurst variety is a deep purple color and is made with whole milk, and the company promises the milk will actually be flavored by real wild blueberries, not some chemical compound that mimics that flavor of blueberries. Oakhurst already sells chocolate, strawberry, and coffee flavored dairy milks, all of which are made without High Fructose Corn Syrup. Plus, their products are sold at Walmart, which you means you don’t have to live in Maine to try blueberry milk.

There are so many different types of milk these days—dairy and otherwise—that it seems impossible to keep up, but the idea of a wild blueberry milk has plenty to recommend it: Imagine a bowl of freshly picked wild Maine blueberries floating in fresh cream—not as glamorous as the pink, fizzy milk that may soon be coming to America grocery stores, but just about as colorful as you would want your milk to get.