Krispy Kreme launched a purple, fruit-flavored doughnut just in time for summer. 
Blueberry Krispy Kreme
Credit: Krispy Kreme

When I think of summer, doughnuts aren’t typically the first snack that comes to mind. If I’m having dessert, it’s probably going to be ice cream. That’s why I have to give kudos to Krispy Kreme for creating a new doughnut that embodies summertime: It’s topped with a blueberry-flavored glaze. The new flavor is only available for one week (starting today), but it’s the perfect way to usher in summer by reminding you of all the fresh fruit you’ll soon be eating—even if it’s just in dessert form.

It would be fair to assume that a Krispy Kreme doughnut can’t taste much like blueberries, but I was pleasantly surprised. The glaze actually does have a distinct blueberry flavor—much sweeter than the real thing, certainly, but Krispy Kreme does a good impression of real fruit on its latest doughnut. And don’t worry, it still delivers on the same plush, pillowy texture as the original glazed doughnut.

It has a pleasant, summery hue, too: light purple, almost pink, from the blueberry glaze, which means that not only does the doughnut taste like summer, it looks like it too.

Seems like the folks at Krispy Kreme are having a moment with fruit: Back in April, the company launched a limited-edition lemon doughnut, which fans had voted in existence, perhaps to celebrate the height of spring. Blueberry was another flavor in the running (it ultimately came in third place), and happily, Krispy Kreme decided to indulge the public’s need for fruit-flavored desserts as the weather gets warmer.

The blueberry glaze doughnut is available starting today, but it will disappear from stores on May 27. Grab a taste while you can, but remember, blueberries are one of the signature fruits of the summer and there are plenty of ways to integrate these juicy, tangy bite-sized beauties into your desserts, from a blueberry cobbler to a blueberry mousse.