Drinkers are encouraged to literally sign the cans and mail them to Congress.
Blue Point's Voters Day Off IPA
Credit: Courtesy of Blue Point Brewing Co.

On most holidays, you get the day off work, so you just sit around drinking beer. But on Election Day, the vast majority of us don’t get the day off, and yet we’re supposed to find time to vote anyway. Wouldn’t the system be better the other way around? If so, this could be the brew you toast after casting your ballot: Blue Point Brewing has released Voters’ Day Off—a beer to encourage Congress to make Election Day a federal holiday.

Driven by Blue Point Brewing President Jenna Lally’s desire to increase voter engagement, the New York-based brand has not only introduced Voters’ Day Off, but also launched a petition to Congress through Change.org. “Nearly 60% of voting-eligible Americans did not vote in the last midterm elections, citing work or school-related conflicts as the primary cause,” the petition states. “Americans deserve time and equal opportunity to vote. Blue Point Brewing Company, along with other forward-thinking companies, has committed to giving our employees the day off to vote. But we need to implement this change on a bigger scale. Join us in creating the change and protecting democracy.”

“There are so many eligible voters who can’t make it to the polls for all different reasons,” Lally told us via email. “Growing up, my father worked two jobs and went to school at night. For a father of four, it was nearly impossible to make it to the polls and perform his civic duty. This isn’t something unique to me. It affects many Americans; there are fellow citizens on our Blue Point social media pages telling their own stories—someone commuting on the 6 p.m. LIRR train and not making it back to Long Island in time to feed their kids and make it to the polls; a RN who works doubles and has a long commute; someone trying to make ends meet working 13 to 20 hours a day. I want them to know that Blue Point not only hears them and supports them but we are also trying to rally Congress to make this change by using our voice and our beer.”

Sadly, this beer isn’t being distributed through retail outlets, however, cans are being sold out of Blue Point’s Patchogue, New York, tasting room, as well as at three events throughout the month: Blue Point’s 20th Anniversary Party on October 13, at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Good Reef Park on October 18, and at the Suffolk County Marathon and Freedom Fest on October 28. Proceeds will benefit Rock the Vote.

Additionally, all the cans contain their own shorter petition on the label and a place to sign to say that you support the cause. From there, drinkers are being encouraged to mail the signed cans to the Senate as an eye-catching way of grabbing their attention. The brand also says it plans to bring its own stash of signed Voter’s Day Off cans to drop off personally at Congress later this month.

Though it is a bit disappointing that Blue Point—which has been owned by brewing giant Anheuser-Busch since 2014 and is now distributed in all 50 states—wasn’t able to send these cans far and wide, Lally says the plan is to ramp things up in future election cycles. “We focused on our home state of New York for right now, but next year we plan to distribute widely in the Northeast with all proceeds again going to Rock the Vote,” she explains. “We plan to do this every election season until we’re successful. We won’t stop until Congress makes this change.”

So for now, beer or not, if you want to sign the petition, head over here.