The delivery service has partnered with MasterChef Junior to create an original recipe.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated May 24, 2017
Blue Apro collaboration with MasterChef Junior
Credit: © Noel Vasquez / Contributor / Getty Images

When you’re sitting down to dinner, do you ever wish, ‘Gosh I wish a child had created this?’ If so, you are in luck.

Blue Apron – the meal delivery service that sends subscribers pre-portioned ingredients along with recipes so they can easily prepare their own dinner – partnered with MasterChef Junior for the April 20 episode of the show in which the "Mystery Box Challenge" will result in an "as seen on TV" collaboration.

MasterChef Junior, in which talented cooks anywhere from 8 to 13 years of age compete for a cash prize and MasterChef title, is reliably charming, and features shenanigans from hot-tempered (though less-so on this show) host Gordon Ramsay, including one incident in which the kids vote to dump corn batter all over him.

During this particular episode, the underage contestants will be given a “mystery” box containing the ingredients for a Blue Apron Family Plan, including a choice of two proteins and vegetables. They then have 45 minutes to plan and create an original dinner recipe.

Hopefully whatever the amateur chefs come up with is delicious, because the recipe concocted by the winner of the challenge will be featured in a Blue Apron box available for anyone to order on their website the next day. As a further promotion, all eight of the contestants will receive free Blue Apron meals for a year.

“We're delighted that the winning dish from one of our beloved MasterChef Junior contestants will be available for families to experience and enjoy in collaboration with this best-in-class brand,” Tamaya Petteway, SVP Brand and Licensing Partnerships at Endemol Shine North America (the company that owns MasterChef Junior), said in a statement.

The challenge sounds like a lot pressure for a bunch of tweens, but they usually handle themselves with grace. As for all of us watching with bated breath from our couches, this our chance to see if it's so easy for us to recreate a meal even a literal child could make.