By Carey Jones
Updated November 04, 2015
Credit: © Lindsey Becker

So you like your burgers rare. Not pink-centered, not medium-rare; not even "black and blue" (charred on the outside, almost cold in the middle)?

Then meet the "Bloody Burger" from DMK Burger Bar in Chicago—not a burger in the traditional sense, but a beef tartare sandwich. It's hard to imagine eating a burger-sized portion of tartare, but with the seasoning and accompaniments the chef adds, it all comes together. Let's see how they do it.

The bread: Garlic toast is the preferred sandwich vehicle here, adding garlicky flavor and a robust crunch.

The filling: Australian grass-fed sirloin takes the starring role as an elegant tartare, bound with garlicky aioli, salt and vinegar potato chips for a little added crunch, and a fried egg to bring it all together.

Where to get it: DMK Burger Bar has several locations around Chicago (where most of their burgers are, in fact, cooked).