F&W's digital contributors share their best food photography tips to help you get the perfect shot.

By Christine Quinlan
Updated May 23, 2017

F&W's digital contributors are some of the Web's best food photographers, so we asked them how they make their photos and videos so compelling. Tennessee-based Beth Kirby creates moody images, like the one of squash soup (left), for localmilkblog.com. "I like to embrace mess and shadows," she says. "They give the food a story."

CAMERA "The Canon EOS 5D Mark II takes sharper images with more vibrant colors than most other cameras," says Chantelle Grady of chantellegrady.com

LENS "A good lens is more important than a fancy camera. I like a fast 50mm for food," says Beth Kirby of localmilkblog.com

FILTER"A warm filter like Instagram's Valencia is really flattering for food," says Phoebe Lapine of feedmephoebe.com.

MUSIC "Good music is a must for videos and Triple Scoop Music is a great place to license it," says Evi Abeler of whipandclick.com

VIDEO "Build shots in sequences—a wide angle and close-up of the same image—so you can cut between them while editing," says Anne Faber of anneskitchen.co.uk