They're planning to open seven to nine new locations.
Black Tap milkshake truck
Credit: Desiree Navarro / Contributor / Getty Images

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer—that Instagram-famous purveyor of towering, structurally unsound milkshakes—is looking to take its over-the-top desserts global. The mini-chain aims to open seven to nine new locations before the end of the year, Nation's Restaurant News reports. “The plan was always to create an international brand and to bring a little slice of Black Tap around the world,” Chris Barish, Black Tap’s co-owner, told the publication. “We’re spending a lot of time making sure that we create an experience that people will want to come back to.”

The restaurant currently has 12 outposts—in New York, Las Vegas, Singapore, and the Middle East—meaning the proposed expansion would nearly double the brand's size. Some potential new locations: Bahrain, Zurich, Brussels, and Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California (Barish hinted that the Disneyland branch's menu would pay homage to some of the studio's most famous characters).

As for those future international locations, the company plans to tweak their menu slightly in each city to accommodate cultural preferences. “Singapore [opened September 2018] was the first Black Tap where we debated a lot about whether we should change the menu, size of the burger, etc.,” Barish said. “We ended up going in with the full Black Tap experience and people have loved it. I always do an 80/20 rule: 80 percent Black Tap, and 20 percent new stuff.” In Singapore, that new stuff included a Cantonese barbecue burger, while Vegas's city-exclusive menu item is a truffle burger.

The 2019 outposts will also look a little different than the majority of Black Tap's current locations. They're modeled after the chain's Las Vegas branch—a design scheme that Barish calls "Black Tap 2.0." Meaning, they'll be outfitted with interactive features like the Shake Bar, where customers can sit and watch employees construct those complicated feats of sugar engineering.