Though when you see Black Tap's towering milkshakes, it's surprising they weren't at Disneyland already.
What’s Cheaper: Disneyland or Disney World?
Credit: ROBERT SULLIVAN—AFP/Getty Images

As Disney's march towards world box office domination continues, its Land is about to start drawing on a new kind of fuel. But unlike other global superpowers, the black tap the House of Mouse is about to hit isn't oil—it's the critically acclaimed burgers and CrazyShake milkshakes offered by New York City's beloved Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer. Which, the two companies have announced, will be coming to "The Happiest Place On Earth" in the winter of 2018.

While an ever-extending array of partnerships and acquisitions are familiar territory for Disney, the spark of Black Tap's expansion was lit more recently. Launched in NYC's SoHo area in 2015, the restaurant has already added four additional spots in the city, as well as locations in Dubai and Geneva, and an upcoming one in Las Vegas.

A Black Tap milkshake helped fund cancer research.
Credit: Courtesy of Black Tap

But while those cities certainly have plenty to offer, none of them are Disneyland. For this one, Black Tap is creating a "customized concept" for the Downtown Disney District area of the park, which will offer "a casual vibe reminiscent of a classic American luncheonette with a distinctly New York feel," with both indoor and outdoor seating, across from Catal Restaurant and Uva Bar.

"From delicious burgers to awesome CrazyShake milkshakes," says Black Tap owner and Michelin Star awarded chef Joe Isidori, "Black Tap will be the cherry on top of an incredible experience at Disneyland Resort." But really, it may be the CrazyShake milkshake at the center, with Black Tap's elaborately flavored and decorated milkshakes like the Cotton Candy Shake, Sweet 'n' Salty and The Bam Bam Shake looking perfectly on-brand for an 85 acre plot of land with one of the highest "people wearing giant cartoon heads" per capita populations in the world. Hopefully. those residents they'll enjoy Black Tap's wagyu beef with house buttermilk-dill dressing, blue cheese and arugula-featuring Greg Norman Burger as much as Disneyland's visitors will.