Ring in 2018 with a new kind of bagel sandwich.
Credit: Courtesy of Alex Ostroff

It's soon to be the new year, and, if you're a committed bagel and/or bagel-hybrid connoisseur, you know what that means: the latest monthly Black Seed Bagel hybrid collaboration. This time, it's with pan-Mediterranean restaurant Celestine, based in Brooklyn's Dumbo neighborhood—and the results? Known as the Celestine bagel sandwich, it isn't quite as self-explanatory as say, the Baogel, but a detailed breakdown shows the January offering will be just as worth the trip to Black Seed as ever.

To begin with, the chef sandwich partnership between Black Seed's James Beard Award-nominated head baker and executive chef Dianna Daoheung and Celestine executive chef Garett McMahan has quite a bit going on. First, a custom-made rye bagel (baked with carob molasses) is sliced in half, and topped with cream cheese. Standard enough, sure, but the next step is where Celestine's wide set of influences comes in. Also added are a savory, fragrant mixture of sautéed mushrooms, shallots and herbs known as mushroom duxelles, plus pomegranates, persimmon, and hawaij (a Yemeni ground spice) cabbage slaw, most of which you have probably never had atop a bagel of any kind, let alone rye.

With that much on one bagel, especially on Black Seed's smaller, more Montreal-style variety, the Celestine Bagel Sandwich could be a bit of a handful, so thankfully its served open-faced. And unlike the last few Black Seed collaborations, it's fully vegetarian, so it could be a great way to kick off those "eat less meat" New Year's resolutions, as well as to befriend some bagel-loving vegetarians.

Now, the Celestine Bagel Sandwich as much of a reach as something like the Squid Ink Bagel? Perhaps not, but in the food hybrid world's endless game of one-upmanship via increasingly out-there combinations, a simple, really good-tasting bagel sandwich with unique flavors may be just the thing needed to kick off a new year of eating. Whatever your stance is, the bagel will be available for the month of January at all three of Black Seed's locations, coinciding with Celestine's recent introduction of brunch to its menu.

The Celestine Bagel Sandwich will be available for $8.50 starting Monday, January 1 at all three Black Seed locations (Nolita, East Village and Brookfield Place.)