The chef at the number one restaurant on the World's 50 Best list topped his creation with one particularly decadent ingredient. 
Blackseed/Daniel Humm
Credit: Alex Ostroff

In honor of the new Black Seed Bagels location opening in the Ace Hotel in New York City’s NoMad neighborhood this June, Daniel Humm—chef at the number one restaurant in the world, Eleven Madison Park—has created an exclusive bagel sandwich for the shop, and it’s just as fancy you might expect.

Called the NoMad bagel, Humm’s creation is made with a celery seed bagel, smoked sturgeon, pickled celery root, pickled shallots, and thinly sliced celery, and finished with an opulent sounding alternative to a plain old schmear: black truffle infused cream cheese.

Sounds like Humm might have had summer on his mind when coming up with this decadent sandwich: The crisp and refreshing celery probably pairs perfectly with smoky fish.

Humm’s bagel will only be available for the month of June, so if you haven’t quite saved up enough money to enjoy dinner at Eleven Madison Park, this is your chance to sample a meal straight from the mind of one of the most celebrated chefs in the world.

This is just the latest in a serious of limited-edition bagel sandwiches Black Seed has commissioned from the best chefs in the business: The bagel shop began its series of monthly chef collaborations back in 2015, and has since worked with Nom Wah Kuai’s Julie Cole on the “Baogel” and with hit Vietnamese restaurant Hanoi House to create the Breakfast Bahn Mi. As you can tell, Black Seed Bagels chef collaborations don’t result in your run-of-the-mill bagel sandwiches. Each chef seems to top the next—which is great news for anyone who eats as many bagels as we do.

While it’s unfortunate that Humm’s NoMad bagel will only be available for one month, there is a bright side: Black Seed will soon be announcing yet another exciting collaboration with a new chef. Everyone always says that New York City has the best bagels—turns out those bagels are made even better when a celebrity chef gets involved.