Credit: © Love With Food

Oh Black Friday, the day of excessive consumerism where storming Walmarts for a $200 television we don’t need and stepping over children to grab a toy out of their hand is apparently acceptable. People are rude, mean, idiotic and feel the need to lose control just to add to the large balance on their credit cards.

Black Friday isn’t going away anytime soon, so it is nice when a company can use our need to buy stuff to help those in need. Love With Food is an all-natural snack subscription service (think Birch Box but with gluten-free crackers) that delivers healthy bites for all ages. The company provides high-end health snacks from Beecher’s Cheese, Biscotti Bari, Sensible Foods and Scratch and Grain. Staring atf 7.99/month for a box of 8 good-for-you snacks each box donates 1 meal to hungry children in America through local food banks. Subscribe to the deluxe box service with 16-20 snacks and each box will deliver 2 meals. For Black Friday, Love with Food is even offering 15 percent off of all subscriptions. Not bad for having snacks delivered to your house and helping someone this holiday season. Sale goes until December 1st and just think, you won’t have to punch anyone at checkout.