Tyler Florence hosts the city-by-city battle that has local chefs judge each other in unfamiliar kitchens.

Credit: Courtesy of Food Network

In reality television, competition is a go-to format for stirring up drama between average folks looking to either win big or make a name for themselves in front of America. And with food being one of those universally eye-catching props, it’s no wonder that cooking contests are still getting greenlit, from an international take on Top Chef to the bumbling baked goods on Nailed It! to junior editions of longstanding series. Food Network, home to shows like Chopped and seasonally-specific Halloween and Holiday challenges, is adding another chef-against-chef battle to its fall lineup this year, punnily titled Bite Club.

Luckily, unlike Fight Club, there’s no rule stating we can’t talk about Bite Club so here's everything we know about the new series.

The contestants could be the judges.

Bite Club selects five chefs each episode, but “through a game of chance” (essentially drawing straws), two of those chefs are selected as judges while the other three do the actual cooking in two rounds for a shot at winning the episode’s showdown.

The stakes are for hometown pride.

Each episode of Bite Club takes place in a different city from which the five contestants are chosen. The premiere season will see chefs from Chicago, Savannah, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and Charleston duke it out.

The kitchen is new each week.

Unlike Chopped, which houses all of its competition in one on-set kitchen, each episode of Bite Club takes place in a local kitchen that the competing chefs haven’t cooked in before, so adaptability and observation will play a key role in winning.

Of course, there are secret ingredients.

In addition to changing up the venue, another curveball for the chefs will be the inclusion of mystery ingredients (the premiere episode tosses alligator meat their way). Combined with the unfamiliar environment and equipment, chefs will really need to be on top of their game to best the local competition.

The host is a Food Network favorite.

Tyler Florence will be the ringmaster, traveling around the country and emceeing the proceedings in each city.

Bite Club premieres Thursday, September 6 at 9 p.m. on Food Network.