Credit: © Taco Bell Corporation

Taco Bell believes they’ve found a way to make breakfast more exciting, and somehow not surprisingly, it comes by turning an old breakfast favorite—the biscuit—into taco form.

Biscuit Tacos will be rolled out as a new breakfast item nationwide this Thursday. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, the unique concoction features a flattened buttermilk biscuit, folded over like a taco, that is stuffed with the goodies of your choice. Options include either crispy fried chicken topped with jalapeño-honey sauce or Southern-style gravy, or scrambled eggs, cheese and bacon or sausage.

“We’re taking the traditional Southern breakfast and making it portable,” stated Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol, possibly while Mexican food purists wept. “Nobody has anything like this.”

The new menu item will be supported by a substantial new advertising campaign, featuring a tongue-in-cheek take on traditional propaganda imagery. But let’s be honest, either they had you with “biscuit taco” or they didn’t. It’s certainly the kind of breakfast you don’t have to overthink, no matter what form it takes.