Credit: © Scott Grummett / Getty Images

The United Kingdom is facing a shortage of that all-important food staple, the biscuit. Or as we say in America: “You mean a cookie or a cracker?”

According to the British media, many of the country’s favorite biscuit brands have been notably absent from store shelves recently after a major flood closed a United Biscuits factory in Carlisle, England, this past December. Apparently, McVitie’s ginger nuts and Crawford’s custard creams are two of the brands that have been especially hard to get ahold of.

After seeing its factory slammed with five feet of floodwater at the end of last year, United Biscuit has said getting things back up and running will take several months. According to the Guardian, the Carlisle facility uses brick ovens that take time to restart and produce products in a way that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

It’s also important to remember the storm affected more than just the biscuit factory. “Many of our employees have taken the time to support those most affected by the floods and keep spirits high, providing local rescue centers with supplies and carrying out local door-to-door biscuit drops,” said factory general manager Mike Heaney. “United Biscuits greatly appreciates the support that has been offered, and our thoughts remain with the thousands of people in Cumbria who have been impacted by the floods.”

Whether you call them biscuits or crackers or cookies or whatever, the people affected by the floods are still more important. So for now, I guess the Brits will have to settle for drinking their tea with a good ol’ fashion crumpet.

[h/t Munchies]