This is the greatest thing ever to happen.
bear eating
Credit: Ronnie Chua / Getty Images

Canadian police are investigating a grizzly scene that took place at an Innisfail, Alberta Dairy Queen earlier this week, when an online video emerged of a small bear eating ice cream from the drive-through window. Yes, that's right: A man spoonfed ice cream out of a Dairy Queen drive-through window to a live bear. And no, it wasn't a wild bear wandering around. The bear was in a car, leaning out passenger's side to eat the ice cream by the spoonful.

The original video post has been taken down, so catch this mirror while you can, because it is incredible. And incredible as it was, it gets even more so with the added knowledge that the zoo the bear lives in is the one that took him there. Seriously, Innisfail's Discovery Wildlife Park took the one-year-old Kodiak bear, named Berkley, to the Dairy Queen to pick a flavor of ice cream for her birthday cake.(Berkley, if you're reading, happy belated birthday!).

The DQ's owner says that the birthday bear's favorite flavor includes peanuts, which later reports say she enjoyed in cake form in a subsequent video. As that latter video has been taken offline, it's unclear whether the trip actually took place on the birthday, or before. Either way, it turns out that the zoo made the videos itself, and the true purpose of the incredible piece of filmmaking? To educate viewers on bears!

Did you know that bears can smell 21 times better than the average dog, and 21,000 times better than humans? Or that if you see a bear on the side of the road, you should stay in your vehicle, and not even stop, because their smells can attract bears to the side of the highway, endangering them? Now you do!

Sadly, not everyone is as excited for Berkley's birthday as we are, and Innisfail officials say on CTV News that they are investigating the "disturbing" video content, reminding members of the public not to feed or approach wildlife, because "human-bear conflicts can arise when the animal learns to associate people with food.” Fair enough! (Turns out that Dairy Queen even made this commercial in 2012 envisioning just how such a thing could go wrong.) The zoo defends its video, explaining that Berkley is a captive bear, not wild in any way. They also shot the whole video long before the Dairy Queen location opened for the day, so no one else was there. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: Berkley deserves as many James Beard awards as she can get.