Take a look at these adorable burrito cupcakes.

When you've got a baby due any moment, you hope everything goes as planned. The contractions increase, you call the hospital, hop in a car and deliver the baby safely and soundly. Of course, sometimes birth plans don't go according to plan. And sometimes you just gotta stop for a bite at Chipotle. For one Colorado woman, it happened to be both.

On April 10, Adriana Alvarez went into labor at the Chipotle on E Smoky Hill Road in Centennial, Colorado. And much like the customers waiting in line at Chipotle during the lunch rush, the baby had no time to wait. At 9:11 a.m., Alvarez gave birth to a baby boy, Jaden, with the help and coaching of Angie Schell, a 9-1-1 dispatcher on the other end of the phone.

Cut to this past weekend, Jaden is nearly a month old as he and his mother and father returned to the same Chipotle location on Sunday to reunite, so to speak, with Schell. However, as a surprise to the family of (now) six, Chipotle also threw Alvarez a baby shower to celebrate the successful delivery of Jaden.

Credit: Cody Sowa for Chipotle

Part of the restaurant was decked out with balloons and other party favors, while the centerpiece of the dessert table was a cake featuring a baby and burrito topper.

Credit: Cody Sowa for Chipotle

If a burrito and baby cake wasn't cute enough, surrounding it were cupcakes, each with their very own miniature edible burrito decoration.

Credit: Cody Sowa for Chipotle

As Schell met Jaden in person, she held the infant while he was wrapped in another surprise gift: a tortilla blanket.

Credit: Cody Sowa for Chipotle

If that weren't enough reason for Chipotle to throw a baby shower for the family, there's an even deeper connection to the restaurant chain. The parents actually met at a Chipotle.

"We are always looking to make our customers happy by going above and beyond and cultivating a sense of community," Chipotle PR and communications manager Quinn Kelsey said in a statement to Food & Wine. "We do that every day for our customers through the real and really delicious food we serve, but sometimes this goes beyond the restaurant itself—literally! When we heard that baby Jaden was born in our parking lot, and the amazing teamwork between the family and the dispatcher, we were excited to do something special to celebrate them all. We loved throwing the Chipotle-themed baby shower and hope they enjoyed it just as much as we did."

That's not the only generous act Chipotle is up to this week—on May 8, the chain is treating teachers to a free burrito for Teacher Appreciation Week.